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we manufacture in our Dehradun plant / Sonipat to Nainital plants all Herbs & Herbal Extracts like
  • Botanical Extracts
  • Organic Products
  • Nutraceutical Products
  • Flavors
  • Fragrances
  • Fruit Extracts
  • Essential oils


All Products are tested and certified for purity, Microbiology, Pesticides, Heavy Metals and USFDA/GMP standards. We are equipped with HPLC, GC, AAS, UV and other advanced testing equipment.
We have advanced Extraction, Isolation, Purification, Synthesis, Fermentation Equipment and Technology with rich production experience and strict quality control system, and we have built a perfect sale service system. Our R&D Team keeps a constant process of improvisation and innovation.

We are manufacturing the below capsules as under:

We have also recently introduced combination of several herbs capsules for both domestic and exports as under which are manufactured in USFDA certified factory and approved by Drug Controller of India. All the capsules, syrups and Prash are formulated by over 12 Ayurveda doctors on board with us in factory. We also do private labelling for people subject to min quantity of 500 bottles of capsules and labelling cost

We can also develop combinations of extracts as per specific requirement for India / US / EU requirements for different applications. The capsules offered are as under:

  • Fit Pro – Combination of Garcinia Cambogia 65 % HCA And Green Tea For Weight Loss.
  • Dep Cure – Combination of Ashwagandha & SarpaGandha for Depression and Pms.
  • Nivark – Combination of Shilajit ,Kucchalla, Bhrami&Giggal For Energy , Stamina & Sugar Control.
  • Musli Power – Combination of Musli Extracts, Ashwagandha & Shilajit For Boosting Sexual Power And Sperm Count.
  • Shilajit Pro Plus – Combination of Shilajit, Ashwagandha, KaunjBeej(Mucuna) &Kesar For Sex Power.
  • Memory plus – Combination of Bramhi, Pipali & Shatavari For Mental Strength And Memory.
  • Extreme Body – Combination of Aswagandha ,Hartaki, Bach, Amla & Shatavari For Immunity & Body Muscles Development.
  • Pure & Clear – Combination of Chiraita, Cassia, Curcum Longa & Neem For Blood Purification And Pimples In Teenage Boys &Girls.
  • Gluco D Nirog- Combination of Bramhi, GymegenaSlyvestra & Jamun for Sugar Control.
  • Piles Reliever – Combination of Cenna, Neem, Chitak & Kalka For Both External & Internal Piles.
  • Giloy Syrup – Combination Of Aloevera, Ashwagandha,triphala For Digestion And Dengue Recovery .
  • HemoAdv Syrup – Combination Of Pepper Longua, ShakhBhasm, Kashish& Aloevera For Female Menses Issues And Anemia .
  • A Enzym Syrup – Combination Of Ajwain, Adrak,chitrakMool, Dalchini,dhassia&Hing For Digestion And Promoting Good Bacteria In Large Intestine.
  • Energy Gold Prash- Combination Of Ashwagandha, Shatvari, Safed Musli For Men Sexual Power , Erection And Premature Ejaculation Problems.
  • Protein Body Builder Powder - 2 Kgs Pack Natural.